ADD A FRIEND | 2012-2013

Producer | Wiedemann & Berg
Network | TNT Serie

ADD A FRIEND portrays the lives of six people that are connected by webcams. They communicate through computers and social networks: they talk and fight, they love and lie, they search and they find, they win and they lose, they live and work online. The next surprising twist is always just a mouse click away.


Format: Arri Alexa
Genre: Dramedy
Production company: Wiedemann & Berg Television
Broadcaster: Turner Broadcasting für TNT Series
Year of production: 2012

TV-Premiere: premieres on 19.09.2012 on TNT Serie

ADD A FRIEND is the first exclusively German-produced Pay TV series.

The second season of ADD A FRIEND has our main character Felix (Ken Duken) finding his way back to life week after week. After 10 weeks in a hospital he is able to move on to physical therapy with only one goal in mind: to get back on his feet. Unfortunately, his surroundings aren’t making it very easy for him, even though his friends and family are strewn all across the world and Felix’ only way to communicate with them is virtually, through social networks and webcams.


Format: HD | 10 x 25 Min.
Genre: Dramedy
Production company:  Wiedemann & Berg Television
Broadcaster: Turner Broadcasting für TNT Serie
Year of production: 2013

TV-Premiere: premiered on 06.05.2013 on TNT Serie

Bayerischer Fernsehpreis 2013 for authors  Sebastian Wehlings and Christian Lyra