with Oliver Kalkofe, Bastian Pastewka, Anke Engelke, Oli Dittrich, Wolfgang Völz, Tanja Wenzel, Thomas Heinze and many more

Producer | Ratpack Film / GFP / Seven Pictures
Distribution | Falcom
Screenplay | Oliver Kalkofe / Oliver Welke / Bastian Pastewka


Der Wixxer (English: The Trixxer; refers to German “Wichser”, wanker) is a 2004 German parody of likewise German crime films based on works by Edgar Wallace, especially the film Der Hexer (1964) – a German adaption of The Ringer.

It is about two policemen, Inspector Very Long (Pastewka) and Chief Inspector Even Longer (Kalkofe) who must find the Wixxer, a gangster who wants to take over London’s crime world.

The film begins at BlackWhite castle, one of the last castles in black & white located in the United Kingdom. Residing there is the Earl of Cockwood (Thomas Fritsch), a notorious gangster. At some point, a tourist couple from Bitterfeld gets lost in the woods and witness a murder: the Monk with the Whip gets overrun by a truck. At the wheel: The Wixxer, an evil gangster who wears a skull mask and wants to take over Londons crime scene. To do that he arranges for the death of many of the current gangsters.

Scotland Yard sends its – allegedly – best man, Chief Inspector Even Longer. Since the Wixxer killed Even Longer’s partner Rather Short (Thomas Heinze), a new partner is assigned: Very Long. They start to investigate and suspect the Earl of Cockwood. However, the Earl (who officially raises pugs and unofficially smuggles girl groups, amongst other things) is affected by the Wixxer’s ambitions as well.

Their investigations bring the two inspectors back to London where they meet the dubious Harry Smeerlap (Lars Rudolph) and his men, who work for Cockwood. Smeerlap tries to conceal his racketeerings, but Very Long and Even Longer can finally arrest him. At the end they are able to finally identify the Wixxer: it is none other than Rather Short who killed the original Wixxer and assumed his identity.


With this ultimate parody of the huge Edgar Wallace blockbusters of the sixties (“The Dark Eyes Of London”, “The Mysterious Magician” etc.) star comedian Oliver Kalkofe massages the risible muscle of the cinema audience… – star cast, tension, fun – all inclusive!