TV-MOVIE with Stefanie Stappenbeck, Matthias Koeberlin, Christina Hecke, Götz Otto, Bibiana Beglau, Stephan Luca and many more
Producer | Network Movie
Network | ZDF
Screenplay | Martin Dolejs, Johann A. Bunners


Life is good!.. Actually… but maybe a bit too average.  That’s what Marie and Markus Baumgartner (Stefanie Stappenbeck and Matthias Koeberlin) with their average kids and average house in Siegen realize when an invitation of Heike Steiner (Christina Hecke) – Marie’s forgotten friend from schooldays – reaches them. When they arrive at Heike’s beautiful house by the lake, meet her smart husband Hans (Götz Otto) and see what she has achieved in her dreamjob as a photographer, nearly 40 year old Marie is imediately in the middle of a midlife crisis. Was her life nothing but a collection of missed opportunities and wrong decisions? Marie is not willing to show the truth to her old friend and makes herself and her husband look a little bit more perfect than they are in real life. The romantic no kids – weekend becomes more and more a chaotic quest for the meaning of life that makes the couple nearly loose each other…