Producer | HPR Bild&Ton, Warner Bros.
Network | ZDF


“Sketch History – news from the past” is the new Sketch-Comedy about the history of the world. In ten half hour long epsiodes this show takes the audiensce on an entertaining journey through history of mankind. Starting at storage, passing  Renaissance, the wild 70ies to the fall of the Berlin wall, Sketch History takes a closer look at the last minutes in Hitler’s swell as the truth behind the Kennedy assassination or the circumstances that lead to the mutiny on the Bounty.
The ensemble features highly acclaimed actors and comedians who slip into the roles of Joan of Arc, Joseph Goebbels, Julius Cesar und many more.


The second season of “Sketch History” will air this fall.
This summer, 10 new episodes of the successful show were shot in Budapest and are now in postproduction.